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10 Ways to Identify Pleasant Childhood Memories

I’m thankful that I can easily access pleasant memories; thankful not just for the ability to remember, but that I also have quite a bit of good material to choose from.  I realize that many are not so lucky.  This post is for those whose pain is prominent; for those who have been hurt deeply […]

A New Frontier: Where Food Meets Fear

As a food allergy sufferer, I could write for days about what it is like to fear food.  I’m no stranger to the world of dietary restrictions, nor is anxiety a stranger to me.  When I started my therapy practice six years ago, I sought to help a population that I knew wasn’t getting enough […]

Genealogy, Family Stories, and Understanding Ourselves

A few days ago, I was scrolling through Etsy before my alarm went off, looking at vintage office supplies.  It’s one of those fascinations that probably merit people calling me an “eccentric.” Not five minutes later, my dad calls me.  Speaking in an urgent, hushed tone, he says, “I am looking on this website called […]

Why You Need to Walk for Your Mental Health & Relationships

Solvitur ambulando is a Latin phrase that means “it is solved by walking.” Originally attributed to St. Augustine, the saying has been utilized by such giants as Thoreau, Lewis Carroll, and my personal favorite, Dorothy Sayers. But the phrase is practical, too. Walking presents us with opportunities to improve our physical health, conquer our difficult emotions, and […]

Re-Reading Children’s Literature As An Adult

My own reading journey began with the Boxcar Children and a Quaker Oats tin filled with lollipops, establishing an association between reading and sweetness that would last a lifetime.  I grew up seeing people read, and the pleasure it brought them, primarily my Daddy and grandmother.  I suppose Daddy grew up loving to read because […]

Quotes to Help You Feel Inspired & Understood

by Samantha Griffitts, MA, LMFT Some of these quotes will leave you inspired; some will help you better understand yourself and others.  When we feel understood, we can be free to put down roots, reach our fullest potential, and encourage others to do the same. Scarlett O’Hara’s utters these words as her world is falling […]